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Our content strategy formulation services are a mixture of understanding and technology in which we do not dissatisfy any of our customers.

I have been in contact with the experts from AQinfotech in the digital marketing agency for some time now. I have tried all their services, and I have never been unhappy with them. The way their web developers have cratered to my needs is in particular what makes me turn to the theme time and time again.

Kartik Sharmqa

As people spend more and more time online, including reading news, shopping on e-commerce sites and socializing with friends, organizations spend more time on online advertising than ever before. It’s a very simple rule: you advertise where people have access to attention. And of all online advertising models currently used,

AQinfotech have an expert team that knows about the ins and outs of a successful pay-per-click ad campaign. We examine the products and services you want to advertise and provide a range of descriptions. This allows us to find the most important keywords and websites to advertise your products and services with.

Featured Google Adwords (PPC) Services

    Google AdWords

    Display Ads Design

    Ad Optimization

   Bing Ads Service

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Target a large audience with $ 300( basic package) and $ 400( advanced package) at an optimum cost with our Pay per click packages.

Basic Google Adwords package: $100
Advanced Google Adwords package: $300
  • A/B Testing
  • Mobile Ads
  • Google Analytics Set up

Our distinctive characteristics

  • Through our extensive research, we help you create lists of relevant keywords, specific keyword groups and ad texts. This is very important because you just want to pay for traffic which helps your company grow. Therefore we ensure that irrelevant keywords are avoided in our campaigns.
  • We help you improve the quality of the landing pages of your ad by creating relevant and convincing content that clearly answers specific queries.

How Do We Help?

  • PPC Keywords– By finding the most appropriate keywords to link your products and services, we increase the reach of your ad campaigns.
  • Split Ad Groups– We help you improve your click- through rate( CTR) and quality by splitting your advertisements into smaller but more relevant advertisements at the same time. Therefore, your ad text is better targeted and the quality of the landing pages significantly improves.

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